Wolfgang Rattay

Zu Beginn des SPD Parteitages schnallt Finanzminister Hans Eichel seinen Guertel enger. Aufgenommen am 19. November 2003 in Bochum. REUTERS/Wolfgang Rattay (Veroeffentlichungen in Tageszeitungen sind mir leider nicht bekannt geworden) Originaltext: German Finance Minister Hans Eichel tightens his belt at the start of the final day of a party convention of German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeders centre-left Social Democratic Party (SPD) in Bochum western Germany November 19, 2003. Eichel denied a newspaper report that the government wanted European Union finance ministers to delay taking a decision on Germanys budgetary situation next week. Germany is expected to record a budget deficit of more than the EU limit of three percent in next year, for the third year in a row. The Commission has said it would give Berlin until 05 to meet the limit, but has demanded more cuts. REUTERS/Wolfgang Rattay


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